Our Team


  • Darrell R. Spaulding

    Darrell Spaulding started in the Property Management Division of The Kucera Companies in 2000. Over the next 15 years, Darrell ascended within the company leadership assuming more responsibilities and positions including Chief Operating Officer,...

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    Darrell R. Spaulding

    President/Chief Executive Officer

  • Gerald Kucera

    Gerald Kucera is the founder of The Kucera Companies, a regional commercial real estate development investment management firm active in Texas, other U.S. markets and Europe since 1976. Mr. Kucera has a broad background with diverse experience in...

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    Gerald Kucera


  • Luke Drolet

    Luke Drolet joined The Kucera Companies in 2009 and currently serves as Partner and Chief Operating Officer. With over 30 years of commercial real estate experience, he is responsible for implementing company policy and guiding Kucera’s...

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    Luke Drolet

    Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Leasing and Brokerage

  • Jeff Henley

    Jeff joined The Kucera Companies in 1983. During this time he has been a property manager, leasing...

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    Jeff Henley

    Commercial Brokerage & Leasing

  • Max Appling

    Max joined The Kucera Companies in 2012 and currently represents both owners and tenants/buyers with...

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    Max Appling

    Commercial Brokerage & Leasing

  • Cheryl Smith

    Cheryl Smith has been with The Kucera Companies since 2005. A background in Sales and Marketing...

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    Cheryl Smith

    Commercial Brokerage & Leasing

  • Jim Sprinkle

    Jim Sprinkle joined the Kucera Company in 1990 and has been active in the Austin Real Estate market...

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    Jim Sprinkle

    Commercial Brokerage & Leasing

  • Jan Estlow

    Jan joined the Kucera Companies in I991. Prior to moving to Texas, Jan worked as an Assistant to a...

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    Jan Estlow

    Commercial Brokerage & Leasing

  • Graham Trull

    Graham Trull started at The Kucera Companies in 2015 after receiving dual degrees in both marketing...

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    Graham Trull

    Commercial Brokerage & Leasing

  • Melissa Aguirre

    Melissa received her Texas real estate license in December 2017 and has since been active with...

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    Melissa Aguirre

    Leasing Administrator

  • Wendy Scoggins

    Wendy joined the team at The Kucera Companies in September 2016, bringing a strong background...

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    Wendy Scoggins

    Marketing Administrator

Property Management


Maintenance and Construction